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The Green Mile - A Stephen King Movie

The Green Mile is a film about a series of events on Pelican State decease row in the 1930s. The original narrative was written by Sir Leslie Stephen King. The film was directed by Frank Darabont, who wrote the screenplay. Uncle Tom Tom Hanks stars arsenic the chief fictional character Alice Alice Paul Edgecomb, Michael Clarke Isadora Duncan co-stars as Toilet Coffey.

The film Centres on Paul Edgecomb, caput of the guard of a decease row facility. Alice Paul and his guards take detention of an unusual inmate, Toilet Coffey. Coffey is a mammoth yet extremely compassionate and gentle man. Coffey have been convicted of raping and violent death two immature girls. At first the guards are wary of Coffey, but his sort nature soon alterations the guards perceptual experience of him.

John Coffey soon shows extraordinary healing powers. He heels Alice Paul Edgecomb's urinary infection, and conveys back to life a mouse killed by another inmate. The guards realise that Coffey have occult powers, and that they will be lost when he is executed.

The married woman of the warder of the correctional installation is terminally ill. Paul Edgecomb is upset by this news of his friend. The guards develop a program to smuggle Toilet Coffey out of the prison, to the warden's house, to heal the warden's wife, and then go back Coffey to The Green Mile. They all hazard their jobs, and possibly becoming felons themselves to travel Coffey in and out of the prison. Coffey is taken to the warden's house, where he takes the disease from the warden's wife.

The narrative also incorporates the fictional character Walker Percy Wetmore. Walker Percy is a barbarous and unpleasant prison house officer. He intimidates and injures the inmates. He is unlike the other guards, who are house but compassionate prison house officers, and is not liked. Wetmore holds to shift to a different place if he is in complaint of the adjacent execution. A loath understanding is made. However, Wetmore sabotages the electrocution, causing upper limit agony to the inmate.

John Coffey seeks retaliation on Walker Percy Wetmore, for the hurting he caused the inmate during the electrocution. After Coffey is returned to The Green Mile, from the warden's house, he shifts the disease he removed from the warden's married woman to Percy. Walker Percy is then put in a lasting catatonic state.

A violent captive called William Edith Wharton gets at The Green Mile. During one scene Edith Edith Wharton catches the arm of Coffey, who sees that Wharton is the true slayer of the misses for which Coffey have been sentenced to death. Coffey then utilizes his powerfulnesses to shift this mental image to Alice Alice Paul Edgecomb, the caput of the guard.

With this information Paul Edgecomb still have to carry Toilet Coffey. A adult male he cognizes is guiltless and who posses' unbelievable powers.

The film is told in flashback. Alice Paul is now an aged main, and is explaining the series of events to another occupant in his attention home. After the narrative is told Edgecomb uncovers that he is now 108 old age old. This is an evident side consequence of Toilet Coffey's life giving powers. However, Alice Paul believes his outliving of his relations and friends is a penalty from Supreme Being for not stopping Coffey's execution.

The Pelican State decease row is called The Green Mile because decease row is often called "the last mile". In Pelican State the flooring is green.

The Green Mile was written by Sir Leslie Stephen King. King have written two prison house stories, The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption. Both were adapted to movies, and directed by Frank Darabont.

The Green Mile was nominated for four Academy Awards in 2000. These were Best Actor in A Supporting Role, Best Picture, Best Sound and Best Writing: Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published. It won none of these awards.

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