Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Shining A Light On Black Magic

Mention the words "black magic" and mental images of bloody rites and juju dollies come up to mind - and for good reason! It is strongly associated with Shaytan and was thought to be practiced by enchantresses who had made treaties with the Satan during the Capital Of Oregon enchantress trials of 1692.

This word form of black magic was believed to make labor and problem for unsuspicious victims. In this article, we'll research the charming human race of the dark humanistic discipline and see how it's calm practiced in the modern world.

The being of achromatic magic can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians and Persians, but the pattern was most predominant in the Center Ages.

Regardless of the desired outcome, the process usually included desecration of Christian rites, complete with wicked multitude to worship animate beings and reptiles.

Some of these religious religious rites were soaked in blood. Animals and even immature children were often used as forfeits and orgiastic dances were performed.

For believers, practicing this type of semblance or being the receiver of an wicked spell, jinx or other word form of injury is very real. Black magic is used to name forth the powerfulnesses of darkness and wicked in an effort to command natural military units through the usage of spells, conjurations and other means.

Its counter force, achromatic magic, is not thought to do injury to others but usages the same methods. This type of semblance is also still practiced in many traditional cultural groupings around the human race including juju practicians in the United States.

Black magic is practiced in many different word forms including thaumaturgy, sympathetic semblance and divination. Thaumaturgy is the public presentation of miracle working. It's commonly used for giving blessings, performing charming healing and in curse words designed to harm others.

Sympathetic magic is based on the rule of "like producing like." It's most common mental representation is the juju doll. The dolly stands for person whom the user wishings to harm.

Pins are inserted into the dolly to do hurting or even decease to the individual which the dolly represents. Prophecy is used to see into the future. Diviners usage a assortment of methods including cards, bones, the viscera of animate beings and runic letters in their effort to glance into the future.

Divination was also carried out by charming readings of fire, smoke, H2O or blood. The most common agency of prophecy are horoscopes, which can be establish in almost any newspaper. .

Countless men, women and children are believed to have got fallen victim to the powerfulnesses of achromatic magic. The semblance art of enchantresses and shamen were once blamed for common diseases and mental illness.

Dark magic was combated with amulets, talismans, herbs, conjurations and even exorcisms. There are many people today who still believe in the charming human race of curse words and usage such as fast ones to seek to destruct their enemies.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Marketing Your Music

Marketing is a mythisized science, even within concern circles. In artistic circles, selling is often seen as a tool that Dick Dastardley and Mutley would utilize in the sketch "Wacky Races". Many people state that when a talentless creative person goes successful, it was all down to the inquiry of marketing.

A long manner from being a tool that a con creative person would use, selling really have very small to make with the endowment or quality of a set or artist. When selling is done well, it indicates to avenues not otherwise explored in the music market, which many modern times end up supplying less talented artists.

So the best manner to do an confederation between endowment and selling is by losing the bias and undoing the myths about marketing. After all, in the music market, selling Acts in a positive way, as in any other sort of marketplace (financial, commercial etc.).

Actually the versions are not all that difficult, if we understand that to work a set or an artist, we necessitate to have got a company, which necessitates to be successful in the market, as a company. For your music company to be successful, it necessitates to bring forth profit.

Creating a new set is the same as launching a new commercial merchandise onto the market, very much in the same manner as that merchandise you purchase in your local supermarket. The endowment is there, for whoever wishes to admire and enjoy, but it is correctly packaged and promoted to the right mark public.

You necessitate to larn the first musical short letters (formally in a music school, or by studying sheet music) so that future on you can begin to make your ain harmonious melodies. In the same way, you necessitate to larn the "notes" of selling before you can make a "harmonious melody" in your music company. The "harmony" in your music company is obtaining satisfactory fiscal consequences which warrant the very being of the company.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fall From Grace

Don't acquire me wrong. I am not a fan who is ache by her front-runner star's autumn from grace. I am a Life manager who covers with ego regard issues every day, by just about every 1 I meet.

There are very few people who are walking around on this planet who don't have got issues with themselves. Ask 10 women if they love their organic structures and each 1 will give you a narrative of suffering about at least one organic structure portion if not more. Lack of Assurance is the greatest ground that most folks aren't working in the occupations of their choice, or even in the field of their choice. How many of you have got got a dreaming right now that you aren't fulfilling because you don't BELIEVE you can have it, acquire it, rate it. Whatever?

Then allow me inquire you this? What gives you the right to travel after anyone else, given your ain predicament, your ain deficiency of perfection? Why onslaught them like a battalion of vultures waiting for a dead repast , just because they dropped the ball and show their failing too? Why aren't they given the same space you are to be vulnerable. Why shouldn't they be loved in their failing just as they are in their strength?

Instead of throwing rocks at Britney, expression in the mirror and inquire yourself this of import question? "Have you the agency to do the billions she did?" "Do you cognize what its similar to have got that sort of talent? Could you have got got sacrificed your childhood, your adolescence, to work out and sing, and dance and have the draining agenda she did?

What if you had a female parent like she did? What if at 25 everyone in the stallion human race witnessed your dislocation and instead of offering up comfort, they asked for your head?

If this was the center -ages, people would rock her and kill her. OF this, I have got no doubt.

Ask yourself, Why are you so angry with her? She is a child. She have never been allowed to turn up. Everyone was so busy using her for their ain needs, they forgot about the individual who is Britney, Not the performer. The small girl.

Personally, I believe everyone dropped the ball on her condition. I believe that she suffered from Post partum blues with the first babe and it wasn't diagnosed. It have been additional inflamed by the 2nd and even though she is a railroad train wreck that can't be stopped, she necessitates your compassionateness and apprehension now more than than ever.

What is this demand in you to hurt, maim and destroy? Ask yourself this," What enjoyment can you possibly acquire from putting her down a peg, and where makes it come up from?" Typically this is something inside you that you fear.

You built her up. You bought her albums. You made her somes star. Don't EVER bury that. You owe it to her to be there for her when she can't acquire it right. Wouldn't you desire person there for you?

How would you like your children to be taken from you publicly? It's almost unheard of for a female parent to lose her kids. If Britney is in this bad form she necessitates your help, not your vitriol.

I happen it so dissatisfactory that the additional she sinks, the more than than she seeks to acquire it right, the more you folks desire to flog her. I hear you shouting " she rates it". Why? Because she entertained you?

It's funny that we let these people to be more than rude, demanding and abusive than the remainder of the population - They are STARS, until they fall- then they are just like you and I, worse, because they had the audaciousness to be one of us.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Dance Club - 8 Reasons To Start One

When attending dance social class just isn't enough, fall in a dance club! If you don't cognize of any local dance baseball clubs to join, start 1 yourself. There are many benefits to being a portion of such as a club, and I will give you 8 of them. You'll have got merriment creating a missionary post statement for your baseball club and determining the makings and any possible fees associated with it. But first, what can you make as a member of a dance club?

1. Meet with other dance partisans to share dance dreamings and experiences with people who love to dance as much as you do.

2. Take bends choreographing and instruction dances to other baseball club members.

3. Form public public presentations to show window your choreography.

4. Form a touring dance grouping and supply community services. As examples, these tin be dance workshops for the underprivileged and particular public presentations at grownup attention facilities.

5. Support local charities by providing amusement for their monetary fund raisers.

6. Plan occasional traveling trips to dance conventions and competitions either as participants or just as spectators. These are first-class acquisition opportunities.

7. Attend dance concerts as a group. Meet at a nice eating house for luncheon or dinner, and then bask watching other professional dancers perform. Professional dance companies often have got touring groupings traveling across the state to share their repertory of dances. Check with college theatres for approaching events.

8. Design and sell dance memorabilia. Use the net income to patronize a talented, professional dance instructor. This individual volition be able to take workshops for the baseball club and for the community. Or, usage the net income to make scholarships for pupils who cannot afford to pay for dance social classes on their own.

You can see that there are some great benefits to be had as you look into starting a dance club. Brand some new friends, bask some dance performances, and have got a great time!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

How To Stretch a Canvas for Painting

There are respective options for an creative person today. Pre-stretched canvases are available in many sizes in most fine art supply stores. But there are modern times when an creative person may wish to stretch along their ain canvases.

Begin with the frame. Some people like to utilize precut framework lengths that have got a adjustment lingua on each end. You will necessitate two braces of wood (four pieces) per frame. For a 16 x 20 frame, for example, you will necessitate two 16" lengths and two 20" lengths. Fit 1 corner together of a long and short length and tap together with a mallet. Continue with the other pieces alternating long and short. Use a T-square or a Right-angle trigon to do certain you have got hammered together a rectangle and not a trapezoid. If your framework is not in alignment, gently squash the two corners furthest away from each other until they are square.

To do a framework using uncut wood lengths you will necessitate a wood saw and a mitre box, or a chop up mitre saw. You will also desire a heavy duty basic gun or Volt type nails made specifically for joining together two pieces of wood. You will be cutting two braces of wood lengths. All eight ends will be cut at a 45 grade angle with the mitre equipment. The longer border of each piece will constitute the outer dimensions of your frame. After you have got cut your pieces, set together a long and a short length and fall in with one basic or joining nail. Check that you have got a right angle. If desired, you can clamp the wood pieces to a right angle (such as a block of wood) to help you while you fall in it. Continue with the other corners, and give a concluding bank check for right angles.

You are now ready to stretch along the canvass over your frame. You will necessitate a visible light weight basic gun or tacks and a hammer, and creative person class canvas. Cut your canvass in a rectangle with an other 2" or more than on all sides of the frame, enough to draw the canvass around to the dorsum of the frame. Topographic Point the canvass on the flooring or tabular array human face down with the framework centered on it. Pull up one side of the canvass and attach with one basic or tack only, in the center of that side on the back. Now gently draw the antonym side, and pulling so that there is no slump but it is not stretched tight, attach that canvass to the center of the back.

Now travel to the sides that are not yet done. Take one side and gently draw it to the center of the dorsum and attach. Avoid puckering the canvas. Take the center of the 4th side and draw so that the canvass is like the top of a drum. You desire neither too tight nor too loose. After this side is attached, start adding one basic or tack to each side, about 1 - 2 ins apart, continuing in a circle around the sides. Work your manner towards the corners from the centers of each side. When you acquire close to the corners, neatly fold up the corner. This is done much like "a infirmary corner" on a bed sheet. Secure corners and your canvass is now ready for priming and painting.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Note on the Late 19th Century Corset

Look at the form of the corset. Look at the late nineteenth century girdles which were made for the specific WASP shape. In this article, I wanted to compose some observations on tantrum and construction in the corset. There is no indepth analysis of boning although the usage of boning is central.

Look where the shaping is in a late nineteenth century corset. This was the clip where the WASP waistline was popular and that is why I mention to this time. This was when shaping and tantrum was so of import so that the WASP waistline and the overall 'corset' figure could be attained.

In this corset, one may see the shaping at the presence i.e. below the flop country to waistline level. Maybe you can state the shaping is to the sides if there is usage of a busk or presence lacing. Ask then what is the nature of the shaping? Are there a side seam and is this where the chief shaping is i.e. the darts/shaping are in the side. Yes you can state at least some shaping is there but most is in the usage of boning and presence seams. However in this article, I just wanted to compose about the side seam. This article is really an observation that at least assists me acquire some apprehension of the shaping in girdles and how the corset, as a garment, is structured so that a certain organic structure ratio/look is attained i.e. WASP waist.

So, looking at some corsets, which were specifically made to achieve this WASP waist, you inquire is the shaping at the side. Are there even a side seam? I am not certain there is a specific regulation that a girdle should have got a side seam and when the lacing is done at the back, I am not certain that a side seam would let the full consequence of lacing. I would wish to cognize more than about the usage of the side seam in the girdle but if a girdle is made for tightlacing as was popular in the 19th century, was the side seam wise to use?

Still a side seam can be a designing or piece of decoration. Even with a side seam, you can onbviously acquire the full lacing consequence at the back. However I wondered about the strucutre of certain corsets. Deocration and decoration may be of import at the front. There may be a busk and so the shaping is pushed to the side. You may desire to acquire a certain peplum expression but not a 'full' peplum look. You just desire upper limit shaping at the waistline line. However you desire shaping to be pushed to the dorsum and you desire firstly to achieve the WASP shape. For this. I am not certain a side seam is suitable. This may intend the side seam is simply placed but it also may intend that there is no demand for the usual side seam because it is superfluous and it doesn't give the necessary shaping for a tightlaced corset.

Side seams may be generally used on corsets. The chief thing is that the boning is set into the presence seams and then there is some shaping at the sides. However, one can inquire if such as side seams give the necessary shaping for a true girdle shape, the nineteenth century tightlaced effect. You can look at the nineteenth century tightlaced girdle and there is so much shaping pushed to the back, that you can inquire if a side seam is necessary and that is all Iodine am asking in this corset. This article is just making an observation about certain types of corsets. They are only certain 'types' since the tightlacing consequence is not really healthy for wearers. Still the chief purpose in this article is to state that the girdle was a garment where a certain type of tantrum and construction was so important. This tantrum and construction linked to the demand to achieve a certain organic structure shape. And in this article I was making an observation about how this form could be attained.

Maybe a side seam is not a failing in the corset. You can always convey the side seam closer. Yes this is what is done. There is so much pulling at the sides that the side seam can be pushed to the front. This may be the lawsuit sometimes. However with tightlacing corsets, this may not be the case. This is because of the demand to force shaping to the back. A side seam doesn;t mean value failing in the garment. Of course of study cloth may be stronger without a seam but you can always have got dual seams etc. Still the side seam, if used, would 'break' up the girdle again. There is demand for another form piece. And even though there may be shaping attained by the usage of a side seam, you can still inquire if it is necessary, if a better consequence would be got by giving more than shaping below the flop to the sides and then to the back.

Maybe there is no demand for lacing at the back. There is simply necessitate for stringency or the tight girdle effect. What the wearer desires also is a tight shaping going from the presence around the dorsum in a uniform curved structure. For this, is a side seam necessary? In some nineteenth century corsets, you can see the

You may not necessitate to have got a laced girdle but you can see that with the usage of a presence busk or maybe front lacing the shaping must travel the side and boning travels to the sides. In footing of how the girdle looks, you can see the curved shaping at the presence pushing to the back. It is not going to the side seam but rather 'curving' in a structured manner to the back. The boning and tantrum is pushed to the back. In this article the purpose was to do some points about the girdle as a garment and the nature of tantrum and construction and I trust to compose more than on this. This article do a little point about overall tantrum and construction for a girdle specifically a Victorian tightacing corset. There is no reference of lacing and boning which are of course of study cardinal in girdles and that is why this article is really just an observation.

I trust to look into the building of girdles and whether side seam are always/ generally used. I am not certain a side seam gives the full girdle effect. Look at a late nineteenth century girdle where shaping is of import and see the necessary shaping out to the sides and then to the back. The side country below the flop is a deeply fitted and structured area. Foot and construction is so of import that really a specific side seam is not necessary. In corsets, it is possible for the side seam to be set to the dorsum i.e placed to the dorsum but maybe there would not suitable tantrum and the necessary tightlacing effect.

Generally it is more than practicable and practicable for a side seam to be used. However in specific tighlacing corsets, there is so much shaping and ornament at the front. There may also be the usage of a busk. There is the demand too for a suitable waistline to flop ratio and a side seam may be the best manner to achieve this. However for a true tightlacing effect, for the general fit, construction and overall intent of girdles such as as in the late nineteenth century, you can inquire if the usual side seam can be done away with. There are mental images of girdles on the internet.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Gone Wild

Freckled beauty Howard Lindsay Arhat started as a kid star graze Hollywood's movie and movies, being a household name throughout United States and a teen graven image of her generation.

She swept Walt Disney fans as she is casted in the 1961 refashion of this family comedy Parent Trap portraying Gemini Hallie and Annie. The film was again a immense success devising her won Young Artist Award for Lead Young Actress for 1999. Due to that Walt Disney made her mark a three-year contract for TV. In that time-span, she appeared in Life-Size with Tyra Banks, Bette and Get a Clue.

Amidst this contentions under name, she pull off not to impact it in her work as an actress. In fact, Walt Disney film Herbie: Fully Loaded did great at the box-office. Two other movies followed suddenly Chitchat Girl and Fashionistas before graduating from her teeny-bopper movies. She starred in A Prairie Home Companion along with Tommy Spike Lee Jones, Meryl Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin as a poetess who composes about suicide.

Due to her exhaustion, she was hospitalized making her film Empire State Of The South Rule late in production. She co-stars with Jane Jane Fonda and Felicity Huffman. Along with her movies broke the news that she was attending meetings for Alcoholics Anonymous for extended drinking. She pass calendar months in the rehab then she came back for the filming of I Know Who Killed Me.

After this movie, she took portion in biopic Chapter 27 but just like her former two movies, this flopped at the box-office. Another ruin minute happened as she was arrested in two DUI lawsuits within that two months. As of fourth estate time, she and her estranged father reunited for respective old age that bust the immense spread between them. She is also put to stand up in tribunal hearings over that vehicular accident sued by Ramundo Ortega.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ramkumar Asceticism and His Landscapes

"What he paints now is not what the eyes sees in the ancient city, it is rather the response of the psyche to the ocular impacts. This impact have released the metropolis flower stalks of the artist's interior world, a human race construct into the emotional psychological composite of the artist's personality, the lone true world"-J.Swaminathan

"An originative person shows the entry point to his creative human race and the remainder depends on the onlooker, what he sees, experiences and interpret. He have to do an attempt to happen for himself what he is seeking and what creative person desires him to see" - Ramkumar in his notebook

When one takes resort in picture through a discipline, a certain ethical motive to paint and focuses more than on construction and word form than one is very rational and can not get away structuralism. Ramkumar is such as a rational creative person of our Indian modern art. Through subject and painterly ethical motive he have been very much engrossed in the creative activity of word forms perhaps it obsessed him since military unit of life he could not see. He says, 'when one is immature and beginning, one's work is dominated by content, by ideas-but arsenic one bends older, one turns to the linguistic communication of picture itself.' What is linguistic communication of picture in Ramkumar's thinking? Isn't it constitute without substance; word form that could be structured and restructured in isolation through speculation and discipline. Jacques Derrida says, 'form fascinates when one no longer have the military unit to understand military unit from within itself. That is, to create'. Formalization is subject of Negro spiritual experience for Ramkumar it is word word form which is all powerful since fine art is all about ocular consequence nil more as for as Ramkumar's thought goes.

Through subject in isolation Ramkumar organizes him ego to make construction properly, here construction of picture is also a form since it is conceived as an consequence of color, strokes, and geometrical shape. And for this a subject is needed, a gesture and emotion is needed. Discipline itself is a gesture capable to show life. Isolation and feeling of loss is the gesture of Ramkumar which he constitutes through subject -another gesture. Both are needed for experience in painting; subject is needed to escalate the feeling of isolation and loss and the feeling of loss and isolation is needed to meditate on the word form of painting. He is very honorable to his feelings of loss and isolation since when 1 is grown old one must take resort to this at least in order to have got some confrontation to one-self. In European romanticist tradition this sort of tendency was existed it was called Gypsy tradition. In this tradition it was believed that fine fine art can be approached only by being 'platonic'.

This sane project was not irrational it had its ain reason; it sets value in art work if not artistically than in market. Kermode gives a beautiful business relationship of a British creative person M.Bernard Buffet, about his exhibition a Greater London eventide news paper wrote in 1955: "three old age ago you could have got bought a Buffet for the cost of a repast but now the Buffet terms is 300-500 pounds. He have just been voted France's prima immature painter in a concert dance tally by a gloss fine art magazine.... Which says; one of the grounds of his success is that he painted the wretchednesses of young person after war. Only 27 now he was 18 when critics first acclaimed him. At that clip he was living the real, un-glamorized Gypsy life, going without nutrient to purchase canvas. He works entirely from memory and imagination, and by electrical light. The house he have built in Basses Alpes is specially designed to except the beautiful positions that other people dote upon. Nothing must upset his imagination." This resort to eccentricity of creative person is regarded by western businessperson society. This alienation enchants people too; see how a fakeer is regarded in North American Indian society. To acquire the truth 1 must be a fakir, a ego centered beast.

Modern creative person often be givens to proclaim them selves visionaries through alienation and eccentricity. Ramkumar too falls in this pit. His loneliness, his cravings for going far away from his milieu and absolute isolation have its ain logic. It was deliberately constructed fate if not for art's interest than for people who like this estrangement. He believes that through painstaking subject of picture he could undergo peace in painting. This peace which is the ego of Ramkumar which have been lost (by what ground no 1 knows) can be establish through 'absolute isolation'.

In absolute isolation he makes not desire to insulate desire to paint since it is desire of picture through which peace is achieved. And you would see how his picture flights human state of affairs which was always considered against peace. In his nonliteral form there was already this craving of 'far away from this surroundings'. Remember those gray, black, and achromatic human figs surrounded by grim environment of the cityscapes. In the development of industry, engineering and metropolitan civilization adult male was depicted alone and lost. Ramkumar's adult male could not travel with the advancement of industrial development and society since he perceived the danger of being lost so his adult male became reactionist and command good by to the human state of affairs and craved for an scattered place-the nature.

Ramkumar's vacation spot to nature was in world not in nature as a whole rather barrenness of nature. Since in nature he establish jubilations of life, trees were greenish loaded with flowers, animals were doing what they do, and there was life in movement. It was heavily populated by life beingnesses so there he establish limited possibility of peace which had to emanate from his constructed conception of isolation far away from the surroundings.

In his imaginativeness surrounding agency 'surroundings of beings' which he sees anti peace. He was against life force; the enigma of his landscapes lies here. His dull colors, his grays, achromatic and Whites arouse deathly peace which he might have got been experienced. May be, in Laddak He wrote in his short letter book, "Laddak- childless and rugged. No vegetation, Grey mountain scopes and achromatic stone like bariums alleviations jutting out of them and achromatic monastries.....the landscape haunted me for quite some time. Later when I tried to paint my feeling on canvas, I could not conceive of any colour to be used. Even bluish sky and crystal blueness H2O of the Indus had to be in achromatic and white. The ageless silence of a wasted, childless Earth which refused to compromise with adult male could not be visualized in any other colour except Grey and achromatic and achromatic ...". In his landscapes Laddak's barrenness and huskiness establish lasting topographic point even when he painted Benaras landscapes. His mental mental image of Benaras is not live, he took his unhappiness there too, his sad memories through which he painted therefore the image of Benaras that appeared on his canvases have feelings of Sadness.

An creative person have all freedom to see anything in anything to show as he believes but there should be an reliable experience. Only reliable experience transforms nature as in Kafka's short narrative metabolism experienced truth of the author transforms the protagonist. Ramkumar may have got experienced a dead and unlogical but not the world of Benaras. Benaras is liveliest metropolis it may look unlogical for foreigners but it have its ain logic of life. To see Benaras you have got to come in in the unlogical logicalness of Benaras. It is Puranic city; Puran intends always existing with the same spirit. Benaras is the metropolis of Godhead Kasi Viswanath the lone Supreme Being who's every feat looks unlogical like an Avadhoot . But since Ramkumar was seeking word word form for his landscape he could not see Puranic form of Benaras, the aura of ancient in which something immortal have been flowing unbound. His yearning for word form led him far away from life and led him towards feeling of sadness. He became alien to beauty of life thus alien to himself. The alien Ramkumar became sentimental in the yearning of form. And this sentimental yearning of word word form could be satisfied in creative activity of harmoniousness of form and color. Peace is establish in harmoniousness of form, in a unusual lyricality which excepts the full human race with all its actions and events. In the harmoniousness of word form and lyricality yearning happens remainder and decreased to silence. It is a tragical end of yearning of form. This lift of artistic consciousness through depreciation of life is Ramkumar's achievement.

In his dull and exanimate landscapes there is peace captured, you experience it in order to elevate your consciousness which have lost peace. Ramkumar landscapes gives you trust that amidst unbound development of philistinism peace still can be establish in the aesthetics; aesthetics of austerity which rejects life and liveliness. This aesthetics sees that truth is inside and can be establish by negation of life (out side) as Orthodox faiths make believe. Most of our abstract painters make follow this aesthetic approach. Inside enchants us because we don't desire to see sweep of truth outside. We have got been taught for centuries that truth is inside of outside therefore for a valid experience we get away from outside. In this inside-outside duality an estrange construct of life is formed this that for a Godhead life which lies hidden inside desire must be renounced. Where there is desire there is sadness we proclaim. We don't see desire as an gap and freedom. We believe that with desire human relationship with 'other' can not be formed. Relationship with other originates from the depth of purdah and this purdah is always establish in the interior of soul. Naturally this Pbs us to the doctrine of eschatology whose first measure is the feeling of unhappiness this that in this human race of desire since desire is the human race there is no possibility of rapture in truth.

This metaphysics have been always our light. Aesthetics of mystical goes around around it, even after the dawning of modernism which rebelled against theosophical manner of life and fine art it was growing there mystically. It came out in unfastened with the aesthetics of expressionism. Enlightenment which was based on rationalism saw truth outside, it said there is no interior though it never left believing in inside. Adorno rightly said, 'enlightenment is always accompanied by the fearfulness that truth, which put enlightenment in motion, is going to be sacrificed in its progress. Thrown back upon itself, enlightenment moves farther and farther away from its goal, which is some sort of aim certainty. Hence under the strain of its ideal of truth, enlightenment is forced to reserve what it be givens to fling in the name of truth". Modernism's tax return to inside was already built-in in modernity's consciousness of freedom that showed confident belief in ground and it's method of truth.

It is because that modernness could not decide the dialectics of inside-outside, particular-universal, individual and social. This duality is also apparent in modern art. Ramkumar is a 1 victim of western modernism. Ramkumar seeks freedom in austerity which belies modernity's consciousness. Modernity's consciousness is defined by being in the human race (being in surroundings), only by being in the human race Being discoveries its immanence. Modernity conceives transcendental not in subjective consciousness rather existential-ecstatic temporality of Being here as Martin Heidegger would say. Art happens its immanency not in austerity rather in temporality, in 'now of time'. In North American Indian metaphysics it was considered most important, it rejected past and future. North American Indian Vedanta doctrine situates it ego in the 'Now of time' since lone Now is in manus and only in this 'Now of time' 1 can happen transcendence. Those doctrines that put option life above any thing reject memory since memory is always in the past. Concept of consciousness in Buddhism and Vedanta is about 'here and now' that is in presence in present. It was considered most original than any sort of cognition.

Ramkumar's landscapes make not pull us much because his landscapes are lifeless. He escaped from the immanency of life therefore from his canvases life fled. it is true and no 1 can reject it that the manners that a human beingness is dwells of be within the ' attributes' of idea and extension.